Thursday, November 02, 2006


It's been a little while since I've posted, this week's been slamming.

I do have a lot to say, a lot I've been thinking about as my Hahvahd trip nears and I have to say something about IBL in the context of our 365 course. I want to write a bit more later in reflection on my goals for the course, and how well we're meeting them right now (in particular as regards the learning goals I'd set out in the syllabus).

I've still got some fun course materials to type up, though, so I'll be brief at present.

For the time being, I hope that the inventors won't mind me sharing with my readership the following linear algebra drinking game, made up this past weekend:

Equipment: TI-81-or-later calculators, one per person. Drink (non-alcoholic, of course!).

Object of game: players compete by constructing 6x6 matrices on their calculators, and then computing the determinants. The first to obtain a matrix with determinant lying between 10 and 20 takes a swig. Repeat as desired.

Change of Basis reminds you to drink responsibly.

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