Monday, March 26, 2007

Notes to self

I've given a bit more thought into making a few minor changes in my Calc I course design. Regarding Calc I next semester:

1. Let's think about laying down the law on the first day: what irks you? What irks me? Let's each agree not to do those things, shall we?

2. Let's give that student-weighted grading thingamajig a shot, shall we?

3. Lots and lots o' test corrections!

4. I'm going to mitigate the HW lottery in the following fashion: out of every week's assigned problems, I'll still grade roughly 3-5 of them thoroughly, offering robust feedback and commentary. But...for every problem I don't grade carefully, I'll offer up with a check or an "X." If the checks outnumber the "X"s on the student's assignment for the week, in pop a few more points. This way the students get a few extra points for covering all their homework bases, and they also get a minimum of feedback ("right" or "wrong," essentially) on every problem. Besides, it's something I can feasibly do given the time that I have to grade. It's win-win!

Coming soon: a few pix from the recent Pi Day Extravaganza!

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