Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day Two: Return of Dr. Happy

I'm lovin' this semester, lemme tell ya. I'm still pretty much on top of the world (a friend called me "Happyman" today).

I spent the day getting ahead in my Precalc notes and further revising my paper with Tip...and meeting with my new students! About my job: I come for the glitz and the glamor, but I stay for the students. These people are great. They're animated, dedicated, smart. It's just one day into the student interviews and I've already scoped out another potential undergraduate research partner and another maybe math major.

167 was a lot more fun today, we actually got to talk about math! If only there were no software glitches. It's proving a pain to get everyone enrolled in the Educo website.

Okay, I'm sorry for cutting this so short again, but I must away to repast.

More later!

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