Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Short short short

This'll likely be one of my shortest posts ever, considering my tiredness it won't be long before I degrade into semi-random stsdofsh kfsd,v...

Yes, I'm most of the way through my first Carolina Writing Program Administrators' Conference, and lemme tell ya...I. Am. Lovin'. It.

I've learned a ton from these folks over the past 24 hours or so, and have had fascinating conversations about just about every aspect of pedagogy you can imagine: communities of learning, discursive practices, applications/pitfalls of technology, issues of resource, economies of name it. I don't have my notepad in front of me, but I know I've got roughly seven gazillion notes to my self on people to talk to, papers to read, ideas to follow up's going to take several hours just to sort out my scrawl.

The further I go in the academic study of academic writing, the more the parallels between writing/writing instruction and mathematics/mathematics instruction simply leap out at me.

We're not all that different, these folks from me. I'd really like to keep in touch with many of them and follow up on their ideas. (Here's a shout-out to any of you who've tracked me down here!)

Okay, I'm off to's another early morning tomorrow, and it's all too late tonight.

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Kerri Flinchbaugh said...


I am so glad to read that you got so much out of the CWPA conference. I know that I did also. Jim has mentioned bring you to ECU for a WAC presentation, which could be a great thing for all involved.

Take care, and keep on writing!

Kerri Flinchbaugh