Friday, May 01, 2009

Not ones to disappoint

The 462 presentations were solid.

Though they too have yet to get so far in their careers as to overcome the butterflies that bubble up when one's at the front of a darkened room, all six students whose task it was to speak today did very well. One of the presentations was the tiniest bit rigid, another could have stood slightly stronger preparation, and another seemed a little hurried as the speakers tried to fit in all that they had to say, but the slips were only of the slightest kind, and overall the talks were of the quality you'd expect from this set of mostly seniors. It'll probably be a bunch of As, all around.

For my part, I feel I did better in providing the students (both those in 280 and those in Abstract) with the scaffolding they needed to construct their talks this time around. Next semester I hope to be more intentional still in preparing my students for sharing their ideas with one another orally, both in the formal structured setting of end-of-semester presentations and in relatively informal day-to-day chit-chat sessions (both fora have their merits).

As another day draws to a close, I'll say farewell for now.

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