Friday, August 28, 2009

Week Two is in the can

We're just about done with the second week of classes, and things are going great. All of my classes are engaged this semester (I had perfect attendance, 66 out of 66 between the two sections, for the first quiz in Calc I), and there's profound and evident eagerness to learn on the part of many, if not most, of my students.

I hope it doesn't wear off!

Further bulletins as events warrant, but here are the highlights:

  • I've already had great conversations with 280 students about the effectiveness of dialogues in conveying deep mathematical concepts,
  • the very first homework committee volunteers, in their presentation to class, mentioned (without prompting from me) "audience" as a major consideration in constructing a solid solution to a math problem,
  • several students are already all-upons regarding Super Saturday,
  • I've passed out almost a dozen of the newly-printed math major booklets,
  • several of the Calc I students have already read up on the Newton v. Leibniz project on-line, even though I've not yet handed out the project description,
  • dozens of the Calc I students are reporting that they're doing rough initial drafts of their homework before crafting a clean final version, and
  • at least two 280 students have already begun TeXing the entirety of their homework.
Off to my first section of Calc I!

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