Monday, May 02, 2011

Post 500: A note of gratitude

A natural topic for my 500th post on this blog presents itself. I feel deeply humbled and honored to have been named this year's recipient of the Award for Teaching Excellence in the Natural Sciences at UNC Asheville. Honors like are not won by the recipient alone; I have many to thank.

My thanks go to my friends and family, for their ongoing love and support (and willingness to go without seeing me for long periods of time as I indulge my workaholia).

My thanks go to my colleagues, for their boundless energy and creativity, and eagerness to engage with me in scholarly programs and activities spanning several disciplines.

My thanks go to my students, nearly every one of them tireless and talented, and many of them as passionate about teaching and learning as I am; the future is bright.

Where to go from Post 500? I've not received much feedback on what folks would like to see more of, though a couple of students have asked for more anecdotes about the early days of my teaching. Certainly those are preferable to endless rants about UNCA's QEP (a topic about which I might soon have a few more words to say).

I suppose I'll do what I always do, and let it take shape from day to day.

Thank you all.

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