Sunday, November 20, 2011

History lesson

Some might say this is not a "teaching" post.

They would be wrong.

I was chagrined several weeks ago when I learned how ahistorically many of my students live their lives: one of my brightest students showed her historical ignorance by not knowing, within ten years or so, when the second world war was fought.

So it is that I worry that my students might not know what's going on around them now.

I join the chorus of academic voices expressing not disappointment, not chagrin, not tut-tutting and head-shaking sadness, but rather disgust and horror at the events taking place recently at campuses in the University of California system.

All that I might say has been said more fully and more eloquently than I can here (here, for instance, and here), so I'll say little more then to say that Chancellors Linda Katehi and Robert Birgeneau must should any other academic "leader" who condones or supports the actions (or inactions) they've taken.

I cannot say more that's not been said already. I want only for my students not to miss this moment.

To them I say: this is what history looks like.

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