Friday, February 10, 2012

If they only knew

I'm pretty sure that our students would be gratified if they could see the amount of thought a good number of our faculty are giving our curriculum review. The Curricular Sustainability Subgroup alone has met at least 30 times in the past eight or nine months, and various subgroups (subsubgroups?) of this body have met many times beyond say nothing of intergroup meetings with folks on the Big Picture Subgroup, meetings of the "point persons," and meetings of the Steering Committee. We've probably generated several hundred pages of data, culled from every department and program on campus, from the registrar's office and from Academic Affairs, and not least of all from the Institutional Research office.

My eyes may deceive me, but I believe I might actually see a hint of daylight: we're slowly...slowly...moving toward concrete proposals which I believe will, if we're careful, lead to a sustainable curriculum that will give our students a rich and meaningful learning experience.

Hang in there!

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