Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bombs away...?

The CRTF's Summer Working Group met this morning, for the fifth time since the end of the spring semester. As we've done before, we met for about two hours, spent mostly tying up loose ends left dangling from previous meetings.

The end product? A tentative proposal for curricular change, covering recommendations for ILS and for major programs. I've no doubt everyone will find something to like...and I've no doubt everyone will find something to hate. It's an imperfect proposal, but a near-perfect set of compromises and shared sacrifice, drafted with the students' and faculty's best interest in mind. Those of us who worked hard to put it together come from very different academic backgrounds and bring very different points of view. I think all of those perspectives are represented in our work.

Now what? We're not going public with it yet. We've got some more behind-the-scenes work to do, but we hope to roll it out in the next couple of months.

Stay tuned...

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