Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Grist for the rumor mill

The proposal for curricular reform we (the Summer Working Group of the CRTF) put together this past summer has yet to be released in final form, but already much word of it has spread unofficially across the campus. Some of the rumors are making their way back to me...and so far the reportage has been pretty accurate. ("They're scaling back the Humanities program?" "They're getting rid of clusters?" "They're capping majors at 60 hours?")

My assessment of the situation earlier this summer is pretty accurate, too: I strongly suspect that 100% of the faculty are going to be okay with 90% of the proposal and horrified at 10%...but it's going to be a different 10% for every single person.

You know your committee's been successful when you piss off everyone equally.

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