Thursday, December 06, 2012

Picture this...

In my most recent post I mentioned that I'd try to get permission to post my HON 179 students' illustrations of their writing processes. Well, permission granted! Below I've included those I've been cleared to share. I'm particularly fond of the sand castle builder and Cheez-It girl, but all of them have their own charm. What delightful diversity in the approaches these bright students take on a task we all do every day!

In other news, I've just come back from the last meeting of the Honors senior capstone course (HON 470: Cultivating Global Citizenship). You might recall that though I was not teaching this course this past term, I'll be expected to do so in the near future, so I spent the semester "interning" by coming to class as often as I could and by reading the texts my colleague Sigmund assigned to the students. The conversations these kids had surrounding Bob Moses, Anthony Kwame Appiah, bell hooks, and others were fantastic, and I learned a lot. As I told the students, I especially appreciated their willingness and ability to treat me as a peer, a colearner, and not a faculty member. That attitude helped me to play a more meaningful part in the class discussions. I dug it. I'm looking forward to teaching the course on my own.

What's left to do? I've got the HON 179 students' reflection portfolios (due this coming Monday) and about 2/3 of the Complex Variables students' exams (also due Monday) to grade. Then I'll be looking forward to a nice "break" filled with assessment, research, conference prep, grant-writing, course-planning, poetry-penning, and more!

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Swales said...

My favorite is definitely the brain-barf one.