Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day One, vol. 1

It's 9:28, and by all rights I should be halfway into my first class. But my 9:00 class won't start for another hour yet.

But because of a light dusting of snow we're on "late start" schedule, which means that most morning and early afternoon classes are abbreviated and pushed back by as much as an hour and a half. Implementing the late start schedule is a sure-fire way to confuse the hell out of the campus community, and the very idea of it should be banished: either cancel classes or don't, don't just futz around with the schedule.

I understand that there are folks living in the montane outskirts of town who have steep and icy drives and are therefore incapable of getting in before the morning sun melts the obstacles in their paths...but the fact remains that students simply do not understand the late start schedule. Even if they did, they're not informed when it's in effect, and they don't think to check for it on their own. The ordinary chaos that is the first day of class is now coupled with the added chaos of the late start schedule: today's going to suck.

Further bulletins as events warrant.

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