Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jacta alea est, and all that jazz

[This post was written at the Reagan Airport in D.C. on Tuesday night...but there was no way I was gonna shell out $7.95 to use the airport's wifi for the sake of posting it...]

Well, it’s done.

We did two takes, as that’s standard practice, but we were all pretty happy with the first one. In fact, after all is said and done, I’m happier with the first: I feel I was clearer, and that I did a better job of explaining myself than in the second. On the other hand, I believe the producers thought I was more animated and personable in the second one, and they thought it was a toss-up between the two.

We’ll see. I’m confident. I should hear from them within the next four months or so regarding where we go from here, one way or another. I let them know of a couple of courses I’d be willing to put together for them, a couple of which (including graph theory) they were quite excited about.

Me? I’m tired. Fortunately, aside from the inevitable backlog of e-mails to slog through, I’ve got nothing to worry about work-wise once I get back, at least until tomorrow. It thus promises to be a relatively relaxing red-eye run.

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terrymunroe said...

Man that sounds like it was quite the process! Im glad to hear that you did well, and Im sure you'll be anxiously awaiting their decision! Congratulations!