Friday, October 07, 2011

lovin' it

I am so enamored of my second section of Precalc right now. They're so much fun, and so smart, and so engaged! Gush gush's a link to the first edition of their class newsletter (see this post from this past May, in which I talked about this project): To Infinity and Beyond (Issue #1). It's marvelous! I've got a full-color hardcopy on my desk right now, my own smiling face beaming up at me.

In all seriousness: I find myself very calm in that section. They're inquisitive and skeptical; they're not satisfied with pat answers or particular formulas; they think in big pictures and big ideas; they're reflective and resourceful; they're fun.

It's a good learning community, the healthiest class I've had in a long time in that regard. I like to think I've played some part in making it so.

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Jean Marie said...

Doc Turtle,

I'm just wowed. I guess I'll have to look at your website to see how you helped them pull this together.