Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hear ye, hear ye!

Harken, all ye! Good news is in the offing!

I was informed just minutes ago by the illustrious chair of our great university's Writing Intensive Committee that...the recently-applied-for WI status for MATH 365 has been approved!

You may commence rejoicing.

I'll see you all this evening, or, barring that, tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

YAAAAAY!!! This is highly exciting. By the way, how long did it take you to cut those papers right for class on Monday?

DocTurtle said...


It actually didn't take all that long. Maybe a minute or two to get the general shape down, and then another ten minutes or so of "fine tuning."

I, too, am highly excited about the WI status: it's one more sign that the hard work I've put into designing this class is paying off. I'm excited for y'all's sakes as well, as I know that'll be just one more requirement met for a lot of you, many of whom hope to "avoid" writing by majoring in the sciences!

Anonymous said...


Thank you!!!! :)

Do you happen to know if Math 280 is a WI or will be in the future?

DocTurtle said...

To answer Megan's question, I can offer a resounding (well, at least a fullish) YES: the department is in the planning stages on making 280 an across-the-board Writing Intensive course (meaning it would be WI no matter when it's taught and no matter who's teaching it), and within minutes after reading Megan's comment I went straight to my chair and volunteered to write the WI proposal.

Therefore there is a high likelihood that 280 will be WI, at least for this coming semester, when yours truly will be teaching it.

Keep in mind that, unlike our special linear course, 280 is a course which is really "meant to be" Writing Intensive: it very naturally involves a good deal of "discipline-specific" writing, for the most part in the form of proofs.

I will be writing a proposal on behalf of the entire department, with input from my colleagues up here on the third floor. With any luck, we'll get 280 listed as a perennial WI.

Anonymous said...

this is probably the only good news i've heard since the semester started. awesome! :)