Thursday, November 01, 2007


Lunch went well!

I need to stop hanging around with Quimby, he keeps making more work for me.

Short version: I'm now in dialogue with some folks over in psychology regarding work they're doing to put together a grant to get support for a lab they'd like to put together. There'd be a substantial human element to their program, involving, for instance, student researchers. Quimby thought that my experience with the REU would come in handy to them, and that their need for researchers might dovetail nicely into the ongoing STEM-related NSF grant we're all busily working away at over's all good.

After lunch I got waylaid in the Math Lab by student after student...Calc I folks cleaning up their exams (good job on those so far!), 280 students making good progress on the homework and the take-home exam...a good group.

Topic for a future post: how in the hell do you manage blips and burps in group dynamics when students are working together? This is a cause for much consternation. When personalities clash, well... be continued, again...

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