Sunday, November 04, 2007


If A, then B.

If I teach, then they will learn.

If I say it, then they ought to understand it.

If I indicate the relevance, then surely they will see it.

If I dub them "experts," then experts they just might become.

If then two years pass, what happens to memory?

If five?

If ten?

If more?

Then what?

If, day in, day out, condition heaped upon condition, if, if, if:

"If you do this, then..."

"If you do that, then..."

If after if, ifs with fuzzy consequents:

If, if, if...

...then what!?

If uncertainty is eternal...

If the way is shown, the way might then be taken.

If a change is made, a change might then remain.

If I show I am excited, then they might be excited, too.

If I show I care, then maybe so might they.


If A, might B?

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