Monday, November 12, 2007

Super Saturday pics

For those who'd like a window on the world of Super Saturday, I thought I'd post a few pictures from the past few weeks of the class. I apologize for the delay in getting these up! Many thanks go to Tallulah, Beatrice, and Belldonna for serving as photographers over the past few classes.

First, on "Build Your Own Fractal" day, the little kids show off their L4, assembled from L1s:

Now, the college kids get their turn:

A bit later on, everyone's busily working at putting together tetrahedra for the Sierpinski pyramids we worked on as a team (we finished two level-3 pyramids, but were too short on time to finish the two more we'd need to make a level-4):

A week later, amidst a tense game of Toss and Sort: can everyone find their way back to their home vertex?

This past week, while "Bending Time and Space," yours truly looks on as Betty Sue throws herself into the unenviable task of sorting out the hundreds of polygons we'd cut up, making it easier for the kids to find what they'd need:

Trixie helps a few of the younger folks put together those polyhedra. As mentioned before, her hand-painted polygons were a huge hit:

The boys had a chance to show off their finished products:

...As did the girls:

Next post: how'd Newton v. Leibniz go down?

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