Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day Two

Topology met this snowy, icy morning, although we were a few people short (due, no doubt, to the hazardous road conditions brought about by the nasty weather). Those who came were excited to be there, though, and no one seemed to have much trouble jumping right into the thick of it.

Even if we can't manage to split the class into two smaller sections (one meeting "informally," commandeering a free classroom here or there), I think the semester will go smoothly for this course: most everyone knows each other quite well, having weathered several previous courses together, and no one seems particularly shy about speaking up in front of the others or about writing on the board. I think it'll be fine.

The feedback I've gotten so far has been very positive. Generally the students respond very well to the problem-based, handout-driven class activities, and almost all of the groups that gathered this morning to work on the handouts together functioned smoothly and efficiently, with animated (and apropos!) conversation.

I should mention there was glee on the part of some regarding the disappearance of the homework committees. We'll see next week how their replacement for this course, the "homework presentations," go over.

On to Day Two of Calc II...

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