Monday, January 04, 2010

A textbook for 280

At last.

Working for about four hours this morning, La Donna and I put the finishing touches on the (pen)ultimate draft of the MATH 280 textbook, which can be accessed here.

Why "(pen)"? It would be nice to throw in a few more diagrams (there are spaces and other placeholders left for such diagrams here and there), and one of the folks in the class volunteered to come up with a cover design...but aside from relatively minor matters like that, the thing's done.

Is it perfect? No.

Is it in places sketchy and awkwardly-worded? Yes.

Is it an authentic effort, the culmination of 15 students' legitimate attempt to make sense of a number of difficult concepts drawn from high-level abstract mathematics by putting together a "textbook" which addresses those concepts? You bet yer sweet bippie.

I'm happy. I think it's gone well, and the feedback I've gotten on the project is for the most part good. With better organization on my part, the same project, assigned to my Topology students, should run even more smoothly.

Excellent work, y'all! You've all done a wonderful job both as writers and as editors.

The fun begins anew in a week.

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