Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The first draft of Chapter 1 (offering an overview of WAC) is done.

Strengths: I think I did a helluva job distilling the history of the WAC/WID/WTL movements down to about 5-10 pages. I think I did a good job of motivating WAC, WID, and WTL in the first place.

Weaknesses: In moving the section on student resistance from its original location (at the end of Chapter 2, on the writing process), the inter-section transitions at this new chapter's end may be a bit awkward.

We'll see. I've just sent Libby this draft; I'll eagerly await her feedback. She promises to get some reading in en route to Tuscaloosa, home to this year's Southern Writing Center Association conference. I wish I were going! Odd that this year Bama's playing host both to SWCA and to the Southeastern Sectional MAA meeting, coming up in a little over a month. dink around on Facebook for a little while before beddie-bye. Au revoir!

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