Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vox populi

The students have spoken. It's clear from the feedback I got at the end of class today that I've gotten a bit off-topic in MATH 179 for the past couple of weeks as we've undertaken a more in-depth analysis of the university's structure and the impact that budget cuts will have on that structure.

The students definitely want to get some more math into the course, and we'll begin doing that on Thursday when we look at the Mayan calendar more closely. I'm also thinking of bringing in some reading from Stanislas Dehaene's The number sense: How the mind creates mathematics. I found this book fascinating reading a few years back, and I think it'll start some interesting conversations. Ditto Anthony Aveni's Uncommon sense: Understanding nature's truths across time and culture.

My bad for letting us yaw of course...let's get back on track!

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