Saturday, January 07, 2012

Blowing up the interwebs

I'm not sure this won't cause a cataclysmic loop of self-reference, but here's a link to a very nice little Chronicle write-up on this past Wednesday's JMM talk on our rhetorical analysis of the REU students' writing.


I hope the folks that make it here from that site will take the time to poke around a little bit and read a bit more about my work with math and writing. Please think about picking up a copy of my forthcoming book, Student writing in the quantitative disciplines: A guide for college faculty, available in March from Jossey-Bass.

I hope once I'm settled back in at home tonight or tomorrow to write a run-down on my whole JMM experience (minus much of the after-hours goings-on), but for now I've got a few more talks to make.


Miss Maggie said...

But we want to hear salacious tales of the after-hours goings on!

Robert Talbert said...

This may be contributing to the loop, but I found my way here via my RSS feeds only to click on the link in this post and find it's my own blog! The blogosphere is nothing if not self-referential.

Thanks for the talk at the JMM -- as you can tell, I liked it very much, and it really got me thinking. Looking forward to your data as it rolls in.