Thursday, January 19, 2012


Who knew there was so much of it in academic administration?

Seriously, though, I have a hunch I'm going to have to practice a good deal of diplomacy in the coming years as I inch closer to administration.

Week Two's been a blast, with Moore-method Calc III moving right along (no major hitches so far!), the second meeting of my MLA course in about two hours (one student withdrew after Week One, and I'm curious to see what the others think of Dehaene), and my first crack at putting together the Honors Program's course schedule underway. That last one's a balancing act, but I can't imagine it's nearly as hard as programming a large department's schedule. Let's just say I appreciate the work my chair's done on that task for the past several years.

One of my lovely Charleston colleagues just gave me a tip on the following book on delivery, apropos of our conversation about the role LaTeX plays in mathematical writing: Rhetorical delivery as technological discourse: A cross-historical study, by Ben McCorkle (Southern Illinois University Press, 2012). I ordered a copy. Just call me Mr. Spontaneity.

Okay, off to prepare for a meeting to discuss funding for this year's Conference on Constrained Poetry!

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John Mairs said...

I only work in education for two weeks a year, but even that exposes me to the crazy "K-12 School District Rumor Mill and Popularity Contest."

It's redonk.