Monday, January 30, 2012

A tale of two sections

Today it was evident that over the weekend, most folks in one of my sections of Calc III took the time to work through the problem set they'll be presenting on Wednesday. It was equally evident that most folks in the other section didn't.

We'll see how things go on Wednesday. Most of the problems are pretty straightforward, but there are a few that might give pause. If Wednesday goes as I suspect it might, a few folks might learn the hard way that though it always pays (no matter the class) to keep on top of the work, but in a course structured as ours is, it pays double.


Anonymous said...

I miss Patrick teaching.

DocTurtle said...

@Anonymous: Please know that I'm organizing this class in a non-traditional manner not because I want to avoid "teaching" (though, believe me, I'm doing as much teaching, in a non-traditional sense, as I would in any other course), but because I truly feel that the Moore method is the best way to approach this material. By asking you all to explain your ideas to one another, it firms up your understanding of those ideas. By asking you to take responsibility for your work, you become the authors (quite literally) of the ideas you're presenting to one another. It's much more learner-centered, and ultimately (I believe, and the literature on pedagogy bears me out) more effective.

Thank you for your kind sentiment! I've not totally disappeared from the scene; as you've noticed, I hope, I'll take my turn "on stage" from time to time.