Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Playin' the fool

Consarn it...

Lorelei came to 280 a bit before class began and found herself a seat in the back where she could sit and observe, herself unobserved. Towards the end of last week she'd checked with me to make sure she could sit in and look in on class for one of her psych classes. "Sure, I said."

Today, I began by returning homework from this past week. I'm so used to her presence in my classes that my initial thought was "Oh, Lorelei's not handed anything in...that's not like her." I went back to her seat and said, "Um...I don't think I got yours. Did you hand it in under my door?"

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah, I don't have it here."

"No really, are you kidding?"


"Umm...I'm not in your class."

The clouds parted. I bashed Lorelei repeatedly with my class notes.

Much hilarity...must go to Number Theory.

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Anonymous said...

Lorelei misses your classes! This was however very funny and was probably the highlight of my semester that I was wacked at with papers by a professor! Ah...the stories of college! :-)