Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Four full days (and the spare bit of today) lie between me and the first day of the fall semester (Griselda began her IBL proofs course today...I wonder how that's gone?), and I'm finally feeling almost ready for it.

Almost. Almost.

Today's accomplishments included getting the syllabus finalized and posted (yay! eight glorious pages!), updating the graphics and content on the course websites (both for 365 and for the two sections of 192 that I've paid woefully little attention to in the past few weeks), "formally" choreographing the Markov Dance (the description can be found here), and writing the last two of the research projects...those too are posted (on the course homepage, here), just to save me a little time when the li'l munchkins inevitably come looking for spare copies because they lost their originals on the way from the classroom to the dining hall.

I also just wrote up a proposal to put together (with Griselda) an IBL paper session at the 2007 MAA Sectional Meetings down at Georgia Southern. Fun, fun, fun.

I think I'm pretty much set for Day 1. That's scary.

Every now and then the thought crosses my mind: "What in the $?%&?!@! are you doing?!!!?"

And then it passes.

I'll be fine.

Tomorrow's the first big campus-wise faculty meeting of the year. I figure I'll come a little bit early for that, coordinate the last few pre-class details that need coordinating, and then call it good.

Deep breath...inhale...exhale...breathe...breathe...breathe...

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Anonymous said...

Patrick, it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who has "freak out" moments!
You will do wonderfully!
You have a great plan set, and it will all go smoothly!
Huzzah for you!