Friday, August 04, 2006

Seven down... to go. As I see it, if I've got teams of three or four students working on each project, I need eight of 'em. I wrote up a seventh this afternoon, outlining the linear algebraic basics of a research program involving random trees on which I was working feverishly this past fall. Those lucky ducks who find themselves working on this project will have the added incentive of the possibility for publication if they come up with anything significant! On the other hand, they'll have the debilitating handicap that they'll be ducks.

Other than that one project, I've not done much for 365 today...most of the morning was spent pounding away on the REU proposal which is (say it with me now) al...most...DONE! (Thanks goes out to my colleagues for getting me the information I needed from them...)

More to come soon, I'm sure. Don't miss a single exciting installment of...


(Yes, I am bored. And in a very strange mood.)

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