Monday, August 14, 2006

Loooooooong day...

It's coming together, folks, it's coming together.

I've spent the last six hours working away on 365. The fruits of that labor are quite sweet, but not yet entirely ripe. (I'm enjoying this metaphor...can I take one step further?...) I hope my students will be able to eat of them before they get all rotten and wormy.

Oh! No! Bad, bad metaphor!

In any case, I'm too loopy right now to get much more done, so I'm going to head home. In the meantime, though, here's my progress report: Today I've...

  • put together and posted a website for the course schedule, including scheduled times for all quizzes and exams,
  • put together a homework website,
  • laid out a grading system: it's strictly points-based, wherein each student's grade is reckoned out of 500 points (70% will be individual, 30% will be team), and
  • written roughly 70% or 80% of the syllabus, which is already about 5 pages long.
That, on top of FINALLY finishing off that REU proposal!!! [Insert cute little victory dance here]

I'll soon have the syllabus posted on the course website, and I'll include a link to it from here.

For now, I'm beat. I'm going home.

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