Wednesday, August 23, 2006


As I expected, a few students (including some I know will do well!) have expressed a little bit of hesitation regarding the course...the "newness," the perception that they will be engaged in an "experiment."

As I expected, I may to have to do a little work to counter the perception that this is the "wrong" way to teach math, simply because it's not the way math's often taught. I'll have to take care to explain that this class is by no means an "experiment," however new this method of learning is to the students, to me, and to the department: the methodology I'll be using is a very well-tested and well-validated one that has proven to be a supremely effective mode of education.

Sure, there'll be some bumps along the way. I'm certain of that. But I'm just as certain that if we put forth the effort, we'll all ride over those bumps smoothly enough.

You'll see!

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