Saturday, August 12, 2006

Sticky metameta matter

A note to those who would like to post their comments on my course design (including colleagues and students and other assorted well-wishers): I am eager to hear your ideas! Please let me know what you're thinking about my course as I plan and progress in its implementation! I want this blog to be a vehicle for discussion, not just unidirectional transmission by yours truly here.

That said, I must apologize for resetting the comment-posting options in order to rule out anonymous posts. This blog, like every other on Blogger, most likely, has been the target of blogbots that go 'round and post automatically generated comments, and I'd rather not have those clutter up the comments pages. To help cut down on this practice in the future, I've made it so that you have to be a registered Blogger user in order to post a comment. To register is free and non-intrusive (you can do so here), so I hope that people won't see it as a tremendous obstacle to letting me know how they feel. Nevertheless, I regret having to place this hurdle in the path of would-be conversation partners.


Please, post on!

That's all for now.

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