Thursday, August 03, 2006


The astute observer may have noticed that I've yet to provide any pretty pictures of all this whatnot that's been going on planning for 365.

It's time to change all that! It's time for action!

Well, of a sort. (Don't count on prettiness yet.)

I'm sure that once we're underway a number of wonderful photo ops'll present themselves. For now, you're gonna have to be satisfied with a couple of self-aggrandizing shots of the "meta" materials I've assembled to help me track the course design. The first photo below gives you a view of the inchoate course plan (left), alongside an exceptionally-well-organized (for me, anyway) tabulation of the learning goals for the course:

Note the presence of other mental clutter in the background, as well as a shameless plug for MAA's wonderful program, Project NExT. For those who might want a closer look at that spiffy course plan, here you go:

Cute, huh? Nine days down, roughly thirty-six to go...

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Anonymous said...

it IS a strictly mathematical kind of way, of course ;)